Lynelle Brooks-Dorsey is the new Help Desk and Support Specialist for TriYoung, Inc. Lynelle has previously worked for various State of Arizona departments including Arizona Department of Economic Security, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), Arizona Department of Transportation and Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) in various administrative capacities. When Lynelle received an offer to work with the AZDHS Ryan White Part B Program she was intrigued because she had a family member and a few friends who had become victims of HIV/AIDS. Lynelle always wanted to make a difference so helping Ryan White clients was the path for her. Lynelle’s professional passion is to always learn something new. She feels like it is an adventure. She believes in embracing the adventure and not being afraid to take risks. Lynelle is also a firm believer in keeping like-minded passionate people in her company. Lynelle’s personal passion is being true to herself and simplifying her life. Lynelle feels one of her biggest professional accomplishments is working with the Ryan White Part B Program where she learned how to track, process and ensure sub-recipients’ invoices were paid in a timely manner. Another major accomplishment for Lynelle was learning CAREWare/RWISE functions and being able to provide assistance to the Ryan White Part B clients and sub-recipients. In her current role with TriYoung, Lynelle will continue to assist clients with CAREWare/RWISE issues and reconciling invoices for sub-recipients. Lynelle receives compliments for being helpful, her attention to details and responding to requests in a timely manner. We feel blessed to have Lynelle as a member of the TriYoung team.


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