LisaMarie Bates is our new Systems Analyst and Support Specialist for TriYoung, Inc. LisaMarie’s professional journey always seemed to lead her to the unofficial role of “internal office helpdesk” or “tech expert”. In 2013, LisaMarie and her husband, John, moved from NE Colorado to Arizona’s west valley.  LisaMarie began a position with the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) Ryan White Part B (RWPB) Program as the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Coordinator. LisaMarie’s technical experience made her an excellent candidate for her next role with ADHS as the ADAP Administrative Assistant. Not only did LisaMarie assign, process, and review ADAP Eligibility Applications but she also was the lead contact for AZ Ryan White Integrated Statewide (RWISE) system testing, troubleshooting, and minor data management tasks.  After 5 years with AZ ADAP, the program processing was transitioned from ADHS to Ramsell where LisaMarie was offered the Program Coordinator/Supervisor position.  It was in this roll; she realized her passion was systems management. LisaMarie was the main point of contact for questions related to Ryan White Eligibility and RWISE during her tenure with both ADHS and Ramsell. In the Program Coordinator/Supervisor position, LisaMarie acted as a liaison between the general end-user and the IT/Tech Admin user. LisaMarie assist end-users and IT personnel understand the others’ point of view to help reach the desired outcome/resolution.  Internal and external clients often complimented LisaMarie for taking the time to explain to them and helping them understand. In this role, LisaMarie was able to dive deep into testing system updates and systematic workflow.  While testing can be daunting and time consuming, she thoroughly enjoyed it.  She considered it like a “Where’s Waldo”, but “where’s the issue”.  She learned this type of work was her happy place. She also enjoyed helping the end user fully understand all that their program, system, or application capabilities and how to help their day-to-day tasks be more efficient and effective. LisaMarie’s personal life revolves around her husband and fur-babies. She has 4 dogs (French mastiff, English bulldog, Cavachon and Shih-tzu) and 6 cats (LOL Yes, six).  In her leisure time, she loves 4-wheeling, motorcycle rides, watching movies and traveling.  LisaMarie and her husband try to visit the local zoo of each state they travel to.  LisaMarie and her husband also recently joined an Axe Throwing League! LisaMarie’s ultimate professional goal, is to continue her education in programming, development, and testing systems.   Her previous education included web design, graphic design, multimedia and coding languages. We feel very blessed to have LisaMarie Bates on our team and grateful for the experience she brings to TriYoung’ s clients.


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