Jack Daniels is our new Junior Programmer Analyst for TriYoung, Inc.   Jack is an Arizona born native from Scottsdale. He attended college at Arizona State University (ASU) where he was given an opportunity to be accepted into a program that he was passionate about and found rewarding.  Jack graduated college with a Computer Information Systems degree from a top 15 program.     Since graduating college, his passion has been in programming. Jack’s highest priority was to find an opportunity where he could gain experience. Jack said, “TriYoung has given me an opportunity where I can advance my knowledge and gain valuable professional experience.”   Jack experience includes finding solutions to existing problems and making them fundamentally better/improved. Jack has ability to take a challenge on and persevere, even if it is outside his subject knowledge. Additionally, Jack has a strong work ethic. He doesn’t like to leave a project half-baked and strives for the best product he can make available.     In his free time, Jack likes to spend time with family and friends. He enjoys golfing on the weekends and taking time to be physically active. During the summers, he enjoys being able to go to California with his family for some beach and relaxation time. Jack’s family has three dogs and a rabbit. He is an avid animal lover and is currently looking to add a pet of his own.     We feel very blessed to have Jack Daniels on the TriYoung Team.


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