Jared Hellstrom is the new Junior Programmer Analyst for TriYoung, Inc. Jared received his degree in Computer Science from Oregon State University. Jared brings over 7 years’ experience which includes development of data management software, technical support, quality assurance, software validation, mobile app development and much more. The journey that led Jared to TriYoung began when he moved to Arizona two years ago to further his career. He stumbled upon a job posting for TriYoung, read through it, talked to potential team members, and felt that it would be a good fit for him both culturally and professionally.   Professionally, Jared is most passionate about getting things done properly. Jared said, “I've found that there are multiple ways to get things done…I have usually found it best practice to try to complete tasks properly the first time….” Jared is most complimented on his ability to adapt to a new environment. He usually likes to jump in head-first and start working on various things. Jared says, “I learn best by doing (and failing) so being eager to throw myself at a new project is often cited.”   Jared’s accomplishments include completing new projects with little-or-no guidance. Whether due to time constraints or it being a new project, and Jared has been able to get the job done. During Jared’s free time he enjoys cooking and learning new stuff. Jared is fun loving, lighthearted and a hard worker. We feel blessed to have Jared join the TriYoung team.


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